Thursday, October 22, 2009

LAE Wayne Free Comments

Rolfe McCollister writing in Wednesday’s Oct 21st LA Business (Accountability, Competition Work in LA), praises the current accountability system in Louisiana, Charter Schools, the federally funded Education Trust, and Paul Pastorek.

In a politically charged article, McCollister praises all things charter and the RSD completely ignoring the lack of success in the RSD compared with other systems in the state. Rather than focusing on results, McCollister provides a marketing piece sophisticated as any used car salesman would do when trying to get you to buy a clunker.

Perhaps his most egregious statement of all was his cry for no more “Government Answers” This from an organization supporting the unconscionable incompetence, greed and bailouts currently found on Wall Street while historically fighting support and resources for public schools.

We are in serious trouble if we ever let Wall Street or the Baton Rouge Business Community run the schools!

Wayne Free

LAE Director of Instructional Advocacy

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