Monday, July 16, 2012

Be An Activist for Public Education!

An activist is someone who is not satisfied with the status quo; someone who is frustrated or angered by events taking place. An activist is a person who sees injustice in the policies of others and speaks about that dissatisfaction to others. An activist presents information or opinions that can be used to bring about change in an undesirable situation; someone who acts on their own convictions--a brave soul fighting for what they believe is right! Are you an activist for public education?

Now, more than ever, we need YOU to be an ACTIVIST for our neighborhood schools! LAE is asking you to make a commitment to help spark action in your school and community. We cannot afford to stand idly by and watch our public schools be destroyed in favor of the governor’s personal political agenda. Do your part and pledge to be an ACTIVIST today!

You don’t need to be an LAE member to join us in this important fight! Below are a few things YOU can do today in order to be an activist for public education.
• Contact your legislators to advise them on those issues that stand to negatively impact public school schools and students.

• Thank those legislators who continue to show their support for public education.

• Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper explaining your concern for the impacts of the new education policies.

• Friend LAE on facebook and share any updates on education news.
Do the same on Twitter.

• Coordinate town hall meetings in your community to inform others about the
impacts of Acts 1 & 2.


Please make a commitment to do one--or more--of the above actions and email this commitment to the LAE Communications Department TODAY!

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